About Us

ALOCK Digital Lock Collection entered the field of lock technology and smart handles in 2008 with the patenting of the electronic electronic lock system. This group started its activities with the efforts of strong and experienced Iranian youth. After reviewing the products available in the Iranian and world markets and recognizing their techniques, advantages and disadvantages, they designed industrial models of several digital handles. After negotiating with companies. To supply quality parts, foreigners produced digital card and cryptographic handles. Card handles designed and manufactured for hotels and offices with modern technology. Encrypted handles with the ability to record a large number of users and resistant to mechanical damage were also made. Fingerprint handles were then designed and supplied. Technologies have become more up-to-date as buyers have welcomed the quality of these products. The handles were equipped with one-time password reporting and production systems. Thanks to God, these products were also popular with buyers. The next requirement was completely smart locks that could be controlled from different parts of the world. Accordingly, mobile smart handles were designed and manufactured. Products that are among the best sellers in the Iranian market. One of the reasons for the progress of sales and expansion of these products in the Iranian market can be considered as the basic service of these products. Like Dell Computer. For the first time, the company produced single-digit computers and focused on centralized service and excellent after-sales service. Gradually, with the passage of time and the recognition of the problems of the products produced and their promotion in later stages and maintaining the quality of after-sales service of the products, this brand became known among the American people. We chose the same method. Products that were designed as a basic service. 5 years of free services. The motto of our collection was that the product should be made so that it does not create any costs for service and support for the buyer and seller for 5 years. If a product with this capability is designed and produced, it can gain a large share of the market in the long run. This mindset led to the selection of product parts from major companies around the world. Parts of TDK companies. Morata. Mabuchi Japan. Atmel America. NXP Netherlands. SP is a joint product of Italy and France. Swedish FTP scanners and ...

ALOCK digital locks with 15 years of experience in the field of design, production, import and supply of more than 118 models of digital locks and having a very powerful resume has been able to be one of the largest companies offering digital locks and equipment in Iran. Be.

ALOCK products are manufactured with Japanese components and have a five-year unconditional replacement warranty.

This registered brand, with its world-class standards such as: ISO, ISO9001, FCC, CE, CE 14000, has a unique quality among other brands offering digital locks.

The various and heavy stages of physical and mechanical tests, salt tests and technical tests of electronic boards have made ALOCK products have a durable and strong quality for long-term use by buyers.