Hotel accessories

Who would have thought that a hotel or hotel business would become a lucrative industry or even an academic science in the world? 

Today, there is an academy called hotel management in the universities of Iran and around the world, which provides students with the necessary training in the field of hotel management.
Today, hotel management is an industry mixed with science, technology, psychology and sociology, therapy and tourism. 


The destinations of travelers around the world are different for travel and hotel selection. Some people travel for sightseeing and historical places, some for business, some for treatment, etc. But most of these guests have a few specific goals for choosing their hotel:
1. The distance and proximity of the hotel to the desired goals
2. Type of rooms (View)
3. Welfare and hosting facilities
4. Technologies used and ...

Hotel Accessories

Hosting hotel guests is one of the most important things that can be taught to hotel owners and students at universities. One of the suitable hosting tools in hotels is the equipment used in it.

Hotel Hospitality Solutions includes a variety of equipment.

Some of this equipment includes electronic equipment such as: card handles, power switches or holder cards to control the power consumption of rooms, elevator controllers, welcome equipment, etc.

ALOCK Digital Lock Company has one of the most complete hotel hospitality systems, Hotel Hospitality Solutions.

Electronic handles, touchscreen display panels, power switches and hotel-specific Holder cards, hotel-friendly touch panels (DND - Clean Room Cleaning Room), flat-panel panels with the ability to control hotel commands and control the brightness of lights and lights, easy controllers ... .

ALOCK hotel products have the ability to connect to smart hotel systems such as BMS, etc., and in addition, when the party enters the hotel. He can open his room door with a card. Use facilities such as do not disturb, clean the room, etc. With the same card, it is able to use the elevator and can also use in-house sales systems. It can use restaurants, coffee shops, home theaters, and other hotels.

Hotel Room Panel: 

Room display panelALOCK (panel display) room panels have attractive features: bell touch key, room number, hotel logo, hotel order status display (don't bother DND - Clean room cleaning - guest in check), inactivation of touch key Do not disturb the alarm when it is turned on, connect to the holder card and the hard panel, connect online with the reception to see the use of the alarm and ...







PowerSwitch - Card Holder:

Bed headboardThese equipments are used to control the amount of energy consumption in the rooms. These devices are designed in such a way that the guest can connect the room electricity by inserting the card inside the place on which it is installed. These products have several different classes and can be programmed with the same room number and credit card duration. Some of these card holders have touch keys equipped with hotel commands (Do not disturb and do not disturb the Clean room). Others are online and can be remotely controlled by administrators or accepted.





Bed Panel: (Bedside / Rest Panel)

This device is designed for more passenger comfort. This device has features such as: 5-mode international power outlet, USB ports, touch keys for room lighting, hotel commands (DND. Clean), etc.

ALOCK hardware panels can also be connected to the front screen display (room display).

Bedside panel


Elevator Controller:

Some hoteliers ask companies to provide these facilities to control the amount of use or to control people's access to elevators. The ALOCK collection has these devices in several different classes and technologies, and these equipments can be connected and matched with locks and other ALOCK products. 

Elevator controller

Common Place:

The equipment is designed for locations that are public for a hotel complex, but access is only possible for guests of the same hotel. Such as parking, sauna, swimming pool, cinema and amphitheater and ...


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