ALOCK digital locks with Japanese-made parts

With 15 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and importing ALOCK electronic locks, it offers more than 118 models of smart and digital locks with Japanese-made components.
The products of this brand, having modern world standards such as ISO 14000 / ISO 9001 / FCC / CE after passing various stages of physical and mechanical tests, salt testing and technical tests of electronic boards with 5 years unconditional replacement warranty. Supplied.

Types of digital, smart, card and fingerprint lock and knob models

View all kinds of smart electronic lock models including digital door locks, fingerprint locks, card locks suitable for private places and hotels.


Performed projects

ALOCK digital locks with Japanese-made parts and a five-year unconditional replacement warranty with a very large collection of hotel projects. Residential. Administrative, commercial and security in Iran and various countries. More than 320 hotel projects in Iran and customers with residential projects in countries such as Canada, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Turkmenistan, Cyprus, Turkey, Oman, Diameter, Dubai, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. are some of the honors of the ALOCK lock collection. We hope that your project will be added to our list of honors.