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In the past centuries, the reception of guests who have stayed on the road or traveled to a place has been the focus of attention of all ethnic groups and nations with different orientations. The ancient Egyptians built tents near the Nile River for people who came to their gods and pharaohs from other lands to pay ransom and tribute so that the caravans could rest there. 

These places also existed in the land of the Aryans, ie Iran, but since the Safavid rule, by the order of the kings in the busy routes of the caravans, Shah Abbasi caravanserais with original Iranian and ancient architecture were built in different directions. The task of these caravanserais has been to receive passengers, as well as to do business and trade.

Hotel card handles

Today, in different countries, the places that are designed and built for the reception and stay of guests are known as hotels. These hotels are built based on the design of the surrounding environment, the type of environmental culture, the latest technologies and the amount of cost. 

Some of these old hotels use regular mechanical keys for their doors. One of the big problems with this type of hotel is that guests are worried about others entering the room with the key. Therefore, the key is placed on the door, and when it comes out, the key is left on the door, and to reopen it, the handles must be opened by a locksmith and sometimes destroyed. Problems such as this have changed the way hotel owners approach the use of more advanced technologies. One of these technologies is hotel card locks. It should be noted at the outset that hotels are the only standard and widely used card locks for hotels. Fingerprint or even code locks are not standard for hotel locks, and after being purchased by hoteliers, they will incur enormous costs to address their shortcomings, but ultimately the only possible way to replace them with hotel card handles.

ALOCK Digital Locks Company has designed and manufactured various technology locks and hotel handles according to the latest technology in the world and the needs of the hotel community.

In general, ALOCK hotel handles can be divided into these groups:

Offline hotel card handles and online hotel card handles.

Offline hotel card handles: 

Offline hotel handle

This group of products is one of the best-selling, most widely used and at the same time least expensive hotel locks in the world. These handles are designed with Mayfair 13.56 radio frequency technology. These products have the most variety in the group of hotel locks ALOCK. The reason for this diversity is the popularity of offline and the special technologies used in these products, which are very best-selling and durable compared to other brands in the world market.

These locks have the ability to define second-time time cards for guests, homeowners, internal managers, technical units and hotel facilities, and so on. In addition, they have access to different levels of time for homeowners. This means that homeowners will be able to open rooms only at regular intervals (such as 11:00 a.m. to 1:35 p.m.) if the hotel manager is appointed.

The ability to report these handles is also available to administrators. Managers can receive the latest 1000 traffic reports for each lock they want with just one card. 

These products are manufactured with Japanese-made parts and have the lowest battery consumption compared to other brands with A +++ energy storage grade. The lifespan of each non-alkaline ordinary pen battery is 18 months and the life of alkaline batteries is more than 30 months.

ALOCK card hotel locks can be connected to smart elevator and parking systems, and guests will only be able to use the parking lot or elevator with a valid room card.

These handles are able to connect to power control systems (power switch and hotel holder card) so that, for example, only room 101 card will be able to unlock the door of room 101 and connect the power supply of the same room during the guest period. Features in offline products have increased their popularity compared to other online models available on the market.

Connecting to smart hotel systems: One of the biggest features of ALOCK hotel softening and hardening products is their connection to hotel intelligence systems. ALOCK hotel software can be connected to hotel management software, BMS, PMS and other comprehensive hotel management software and without the need to open the software software ALOCK locks, with hotel software software, etc. for users and guests of temporary and specific cards. In addition, by connecting software locks to hotel software, offline locks can be easily converted to online. This means that managers, landlords, etc., can see a report on their mobile phone, tablet, or computer at any time when a room is reserved for a party.

Don't disturb the system D.N.D: On the ALOCK hotel handles, there is no disturbing system. In this way, when the guest locks the door from the inside with the night lock, the next guest or the housekeeper is not able to open the lock with his card and the lock does not warn others not to disturb.

In addition to the above features, these handles also have a mechanical key for emergencies.

Ability to travel freely without the need for a Passage Mode card, specify access at different levels for admission personnel, warn against using an invalid or expired card, specialized anti-card locks, quick removal of the missing card without the need to be in front of the handle, etc. Another part of the features of these handles are:

The offline nature of these handles is that they are not instantly connected to the receiver. 

Online hotel card handles: 

Online hotel handles

These products have all the above features and can be provided with various technologies such as Wireless, Nb-lot and Mobile app. These products with online technology are able to provide the current status of the room lock, report the movement of people, the amount of battery on the lock, the activation and deactivation of the night lock and so on.

These products will be able to be opened online without the need for a card. 

If you do not use other ALOCK online hotel equipment such as room panels and hotel orders, such as annoying, cleaning requests, etc., these reports will be more complete on admission, computers and home systems.


ALOCK mobile online hotel handles are able to provide with these technologies: Bluetooth, NFC and Mobile App
Each of the technologies required will be available to buyers.

This group of products can operate without the need for a card. This means that users can use mobile phones to open the door of the relevant room.

You can see more details on the online products page.

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