Smart locks and handles

Imagine this situation; you get home from work, the housewife gives you a lot of orders, you make a lot of purchases, your hands are full of tools and equipment, and when you want to open the door, you have to look for the keychain in your pocket or bag. Look around. Now imagine that it leaves your keychain; how does it get to you? Everyone wishes they had a system that made it easier to open the door and less likely to linger in front of the door. Smart locks and handles are exactly what you are looking for.

Smart door handles

Unlocking the door without the need for old keys is a great solution. Some smart locks only require you to stand in front of the door to open. The new generation smart handles can be opened and controlled even before reaching the front door and even from more remote areas. These products, in addition to being safer than mechanical locks, bring you more efficiency, comfort and beauty.

The smart lock company ALOCK has solved this problem. The company has revolutionized the design of a variety of locks and smart handles. ALOCK smart handles are designed and manufactured with Japanese-made parts. All of these products meet modern world standards such as CE, FCC, ISO 9001, etc. These products have a 5-year full unconditional warranty. These products have also passed technical tests such as Duraiblity 800,000 times. This means that these handles and body locks are tested more than 800,000 times automatically to check and confirm the quality of the parts, their durability and long-term performance. These products have also passed salt tests. This means that they are placed in environments with a high concentration of salt vapor and after 97 hours of continuous testing, the strength of the body and the color stability of the products are also examined.

In general, these products are divided into several categories:

Encryption handles:

Encryption handles

Encrypt handles that more than 1000 different users can use separately. These products with the ability to store 200 passwords and 800 different entry cards have the highest number of usable users compared to other products. In addition, these products are designed for busy occasions such as parties, a mode called Passage Mode, where users can open and close the door without the need to use a password or card without any worries.






Fingerprint handles: 

Fingerprint handlesThis set of handles, in addition to the ability to use passwords and cards, also has the ability to define 100 to 200 different fingerprints. Working with these handles is very easy and enjoyable. You can even save all your fingers, family or colleagues 360 degrees, and like today's mobile fingerprint scanners, you can easily unlock. One of the things that is very important today about smart handles is to check and control people's traffic by reporting on their traffic. This group of products allows their managers and owners to review the latest 1000 traffic. They can even check people's traffic on a specific day by specifying the exact time, minute, date and method of entry (fingerprint, card, password, etc.). In some departments, employee traffic is very important in pre-determined time periods. With these products, you can also plan for the precise movement of employees in the exact time periods.



Mobile Online Handles: 

Mobile Online Handles

This group of products is divided into two categories: mobile code and mobile fingerprint. The performance of these locks is similar to the locks described above. The difference between these products is their online connection with users. These handles are connected to the Internet WiFi wirelessly with wireless technology and provide the ability to open and close online from anywhere in the world on mobile for home or office consumers. Controlling people's online traffic, adding and removing users online with mobile from anywhere in the world, defining one-time passwords with mobile in different time periods, activating two-stage mobile verification system, checking lock status (online or offline), check Battery level, the ability to activate the online security system, means that the person will only be able to view people's traffic and will not be able to open the handle. Another unique feature that can be mentioned for this group of products is the Hijack system, which warns of threats, coercion, threats and terrorist attacks. This unique technology allows users to open a door with a special fingerprint or a special password when threatened by strangers. When this password or fingerprint is used, the lock sends very strong alerts to all users who are connected to the lock to notify them that the user's life is in danger.

In general, ALOCK smartwatches provide the most up-to-date features for consumers by using World Day knowledge. Ask ALOCK for products with beautiful design, the latest technology in the world and the highest features compared to other world-renowned brands and long-term unconditional guarantees.

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