Card lock and you!

Card lock and you!

Do you need to control the security of your workplace more? Do you want to avoid copying your office keys? Do you feel that you need to restrict people's access to certain areas in your workplace and see when people have entered the office? Would you like to no longer carry a key with you, but are you worried about the high cost of digital locks? Worried about revealing your login password?

These questions are part of the concern of security managers and officials, who are constantly preoccupied with their thoughts. Whenever an employee of the department or a person who has access to a key from the office loses it or is fired or resigns, the security of that department is compromised. In the event of such an event, the only solution is to contact the locksmith to replace the desired lock and collect the old keys and replace them with new keys.


This is not only a huge expense for the company, but also for the company. Many of the unwanted things that business owners or managers are caught up in are extra time. When such events occur, it leads to an unwanted expense and a waste of time.

In such a situation, you should contact an expert in the field of security issues and locks and tell him that there is an emergency, ask him to replace the lock on the door and pay for it. This will naturally take you more time if it is synonymous with a special holiday or weekend. The question now is how to get rid of these unpredictable costs and security concerns.

The solution is to use smart card locks and get rid of key employees and customers. Now the concern is, what happens if employees give their passwords to others? We offer you the RFID Technology Locks card handle. This smart handle is designed to open the door by bringing the card closer to the lock.

What is a card lock?

Card locks are a new form of technology and lock development that brings you a new generation of features and convenience. These smart locks allow the user to enter and open the door by approaching the pre-defined special card. Now what is the difference between this card and the key and what makes it superior?

The first difference is that if an employee or user's card is lost or stolen, you no longer have to change the door lock, and you can easily delete the card information through the lock software. This way you can prevent re-access of the missing card to open the door. In some systems, if the missing card is used, the administrator is alerted and the thief can be easily identified. This difference alone is a strong reason for the superiority of the card lock over the key lock and eliminates the need for managers to constantly change the lock and key.


Card lock and you


What are the benefits and possibilities of using a card handle at work?

So far, we have introduced you to card handles (card locks) in general. Here are some of the interesting and practical benefits of these smart locks.

Schedule your days and hours off work!

Card locks can be programmed to work at certain hours or days, or have different types of access for different people. In this way, it is possible for managers to prevent people from entering during non-business hours and holidays.

Be more secure!

These locks can be combined with a keyboard or fingerprint sensor and programmed so that the user, in addition to approaching the card, enters a special password to allow access. This will increase your security many times over.

Choose a professional replacement for attendance systems!

With these locks, you can easily enter the login statistics of different people with the details of day, month, year and exact time through the lock software. Therefore, these locks can be considered as an alternative to attendance devices. You can print out the arrival hours of employees and check their attendance status at the end of each month through the output that locks the software. That way, you don't have to spend a fortune to set up attendance systems. On the other hand, there are issues such as forgetting to register attendance or making sure that traffic reports are accurate, because employees need to unlock the card or fingerprint to log in.

Card lock; is it suitable for home or not?

You will no longer need to carry metal keys when using card locks, but you will still need to bring a lock card with you to open the door. As you know, using a card lock increases security and peace of mind at home, but using these handles in residential homes will also have disadvantages. The most important problem with using a home card lock is the cost of setting up the system. Usually, these locks require a peripheral device to program and define the card, which is several times the price of the lock itself. Therefore, it is not economical for a home user who has a lock to buy another device in addition to his lock. (Of course, this is cost-effective in cases where a residential complex buys a card lock.) Therefore, home users are advised to use the card company instead of buying a card handler instead of buying a card handler. However, in this case, each time you define or delete a card from the lock memory, you need to contact the desired company and the presence of the relevant expert on site to set the lock.

We recommend that you use passwords, fingerprints, or mobile locks in homes that do not require a peripheral. In addition, these handles prevent you from carrying accessories to enter the house.

Which brand is best for me?

Today, the variety of brands and companies offering digital locks has increased so much that people enter the market with doubts and difficulties in choosing the lock they need. In order to choose the right brand, in addition to the efficiency and price of the desired product, there are several factors, one of which is the history and credibility of the brand. By choosing a lock for your door, you can secure the workplace or home. So you have to be very careful in this choice.

Another factor is the after-sales service provided by the company and its proximity to your workplace or place of residence. The lock at your entrance is one of the most vital parts of the building, and for whatever reason, if there is a problem, the passage and security of the place will be disrupted. So before choosing a service company, make sure you have an after-sales service company near you.
The next issue you face is choosing a card handle that suits your needs. These devices have different prices depending on their design and features, and you need to choose one of the available options according to your budget and performance.

Ultimately, the task of technology is to increase the quality and comfort of your life, and with a smart choice, you can take full advantage of the world of these facilities with peace of mind.